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Our hunting services
Board and accommodation

We offer diverse accommodation for our guests from first and second-class hunting lodges to hunting castles for those who want more luxury, to family run guest houses and hotels. The hunting lodges have ideal facilities for business meetings, smaller conferences, and for individual company programs too.

Hunting lodges and guest houses offer home cooking and on request the bagged game can be served to the hunters’ taste.

Other services

We organize transfers for our guests arriving by plane, using our modern, air-conditioned fleet of buses with panoramic windows. Those arriving by car or renting a car at the airport will receive a description and a map showing the way from the border or airport, so that they can easily find the hunting area.

Visitors are provided with a wide range of transport in the hunting field, such as coaches, sleighs and jeeps.

If requested an interpreter will welcome you at the airport and go with you to the hunting area to help you communicate with the Hungarian professional hunters.

After a successful hunt we will help you arrange transport home for your trophy.

We suggest you bring your own rifle or shotgun with you, but we have ones you can borrow if necessary. Shotgun ammunition is always available, however if you have any special requirements you are best to request this in advance. Guests are requested to bring their own rifle ammunition.

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egy vadászat programja

Program after arrival in hungary

Transfer to the hunting area.
Each hunting day, following a brief overview of the hunting regulations by individual hunt managers, visitors can set out in the company of a Hungarian professional hunter or guide.
At the end of the hunting day, when all the quarry has been brought in, fires are lit and tables are laid with boughs of green branches before the results of the day are ceremoniously announced.

On non hunting days we can arrange other visits and excursions and non hunting guests are always welcome.

  • We can organize short trips to surrounding villages to complete the trip with cultural programs.
    Hungary is famous from its thermal water and some hunting areas are close to thermal baths, which offer the chance to warm up freezing limbs at the end of a long day in the hunting field.
  • Throughout the year there are horse shows and folklore programs and if they coincide with your stay you will have the opportunity to learn about our traditions and taste fine Hungarian cuisine. Horse riding is also available.
  • If you visit Hungary you shouldn’t miss a sightseeing tour of Budapest and a boat trip on the Danube, Hungary’s largest river.
  • If you are hunting near to Lake Balaton, you can explore Central Europe’s largest lake.


News and tips

The people at Naturhun work on organising hunts every day; they make arrangements with our guests and arrange the hunting areas – they are busy working in the office in one moment and get in their cars to go to the field in the next, and since we would like to record and share our hunting experiences. The only thing I like more than writing blogs is going on hunts. You will see why if you bear with me.

Balogh József

The formation of the roe deer antlers depending on the weather and the availability of food (Professional blog)

“I consider the roe deer antler to be the most original, the most varied and the finest trophy of all. None of them looks like another, they are all individual, they are precious memorabilia.” - wrote Zsigmond Széchenyi, former world traveler, Hungarian hunter. Among...

The hunting organisation is a profession! Don’t be fooled by empty promises!

You are well aware that we are living in a fast-paced world. You hear it all over the Internet and in the media. You know that you cannot relax since you miss out, you fall behind, gain a disadvantage compared to others. This is not different in the case of hunting...

On the hunting ground, the situation is unchanged!

At present, the whole world is experiencing an extraordinary situation, with Europe and Hungary being no exceptions, either. I would rather not expatiate on things that are already painfully familiar to everyone. For some, the topic is boring, for some, it is...

Have you ever been disappointed about a badly organized hunt?

This is how your hunt will be perfect with us! When you are looking for a service on the Internet – e.g. the organization of your hunt – numerous ads will be shown to you. It’s very difficult to choose the right one at the first glance. Most probably you will not be...


Imagine that you are now travelling to Hungary for your just booked hunting! In this case you must have already contacted us and received our detailed help to make the most out of your trip. You have told us what you want to hunt for, the size of your desired trophy...