How do we operate

  • Please contact us by mail (H-2053 Herceghalom, Gesztenyés út 11.), fax (+36 23 319440), phone (+36 23 319041) or e-mail ( and let us know when and what would you like to hunt and we shall forward details on to you
  • We help you to find the best date and hunting area.
  • We give you ideas, how you can combine the desired hunt with other game hunt
  • We send you an offer, which includes the program from arrival to departure. We organize transfer for our guest arriving by plane. Hunters arriving by car receive a road plan how to get to the hunting area. So you can find easily the meeting point. The representative of the hunting area waits for you at the meeting point and discuss the program for the next days. On request we can supply a guide for the tourist programs.
  • Hungary is an attractive option offering you, an excellent chance for a successful hunt. Moreover it is like a holiday. We suggest you to bring your family as well. A guide will help them to discover the country.
  • After you accepted our offer, we make a hunting contract with you
  • After you sent back the hunting contract with your signature, you receive the „Letter of invitation”, which you will need while entering Hungary. This document contains the following details: type of the rifle or shotgun, factory number, caliber, number of cartridges, your name and passport number.
  • Everybody, who would like to hunt in Hungary, should have Hungarian hunting licence and insurance. Our office issues your documents, but please write on the hunting contract your passport number, the number of your hunting license or gun license in your own county.

How to import a hunting weapon?

1.) If you are not having the „European Firearm Licence”

  • The „License for the import (and export) of hunting weapon” can be obtained from the Hungarian custom authorities, and the license is provided when the prospective guest hunter presents his or her valid latter of invitation, a hunting-gun license that is valid in the visitor’s own country, presents his or her valid passport and pays the custom fee. The fee is 3000 HUF (12,50 EUR, 16,- USD). (There is possibility to change money at every border station.)
  • The license is valid for 90 days. The hunting-guns must not be kept in Hungary for a longer period. This license must be presented when leaving Hungary and it must be left in the office of the border station where you cross the border.
  • Where do you get your „License for the import (and export) of hunting weapon”?
    At the airport: After the passport control, please go with your luggage and hunting weapon to the customs officer (red line, things to declare). He gives you this license.
    Arriving by land: After the passport control, the Hungarian customs officer issues this document for you.

2.) If you are having the „European Firearm Licence”

  • You will not have to stop at the border station and appy for „Licence for import and export of hunting weapon”. You have to keep all the document need to travel, the letter of invitation and the Eurpoean Firearm Licence by yourself.
  • In Hungary, shotguns can be used to hunt only for small game (except wild boar that also can be hunted by shotgun.)
  • Only three numbers of ammunitions can be inserted in semi-automatic shotguns.
    We suggest to bring your own rifle or shotgun with you, but you can borrow it too. Shotgun ammunition is always available, however if you have any special requirements you are best to request this in advance. For rifles, guests are requested to bring their own ammunition.

Regular dealings with the trophies

  • In Hungary, hunters have to submit the following trophies for judgement: the antler of stag, fallow deer stag and roe buck; the horn of mouflon ram; the tusk of wild boar if its size exceeds 16 cm. Trophies have to be submitted for judgement within 30 days after the successful shooting of the game.
  • In Hungary, hunters have to submit the following trophies for judgement: the antler of stag, fallow deer stag and roe buck; the horn of mouflon ram; the tusk of wild boar if its size exceeds 16 cm. Trophies have to be submitted for judgement within 30 days after the successful shooting of the game.
    • Red deer: 240 IP
    • Fallow deer: 200 IP
    • Mouflon: 220 IP
    • Roe deer: 170 IP
    • Wild boar: 130 IP
  • When a trophy represents a national value the hunting authority provides the hunter a duplicate trophy.

After hunting

  • At the end of the hunting the representative of the hunting area records all the bagged and wounded games on the hunting protocol. We prepare the invoice in accordance with this protocol signed by the representative of the hunting area and the hunter guest.
  • We provide the documentation needed to the import from Hungary to abroad.
  • Taking the trophies (antler, horn, tusk, feather) to the EU countries the followings are required:
    • the invoice provided by the host office that organized the hunting tour
    • Trophy Judgement Sheet
  • Export of trophies to non EU countries:
    • Invoice
    • Uniform Costumes Clearance
    • official veterinary certification about the origin of the trophy


News and tips

The people at Naturhun work on organising hunts every day; they make arrangements with our guests and arrange the hunting areas – they are busy working in the office in one moment and get in their cars to go to the field in the next, and since we would like to record and share our hunting experiences. The only thing I like more than writing blogs is going on hunts. You will see why if you bear with me.

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