At present, the whole world is experiencing an extraordinary situation, with Europe and Hungary being no exceptions, either. I would rather not expatiate on things that are already painfully familiar to everyone. For some, the topic is boring, for some, it is depressive, for yet others, it might be simply neutral.

We hunters are in a lucky situation since we can practice a hobby that is not bound to a flat or a specific location – a hobby thanks to which we have already been able to spend much more time in nature than the average person. Even now, we can afford to delve deep into the forest, venture out to the fields and breathe in the fresh air of the reviving nature, in silence. We can observe the playful game of the animals living in the nature, listen to the happy songs of the birds.

Being a professional hunter has not changed at all!

Our professional hunters continue to do their job diligently, since life in the forest has not stopped. Roe bucks fight for their own territories the same way as they did before. The old bucks watch the calmness around them, standing still more frequently while the younger ones wildly chase each other in the vernal sunshine. The panic currently palpable in the world and the fear wreaking havoc in the human world do not bother them at all.

Even now, our game keepers know precisely where each buck lives, how big the antlers they have grown are, which rural field they like and where they move around during the day. Although right now, it seems that because of the disease of the world, you will not be able to join us for the roe buck hunt starting in the middle of April, we still care for and protect the wildlife.

Our hospitality remains unchanged!

Our returning guests know that the good bucks will wait for them, and by the time order has resumed in the world, they will again be able to apply for our hunts.  Let it be red deer stag, fallow buck hunt or even driven huntings.
When hotels and restaurants open again, we will be kindly awaiting our dear hunter friends with their companions to recover from the scare the world experienced. After the isolation and the numerous restrictions, a little relaxation will feel good here in Hungary, at one of the best hunting grounds.

Our colleagues can’t wait to get in touch with you, guide and help you during your hunt.

We hope that your situation will also remain unchanged and that you will emerge from the present situation fine both medically and existentially. We believe that soon, we will again be able to move freely across countries and continents and we will have the opportunity again to show you the famous Hungarian wildlife.  When we welcome you as our returning guest, we will be very glad about the reunion.

We are waiting for you here at Naturhun Hunting-organizing Office!  We will be glad to take your call anytime, and you can also feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail! We are at your disposal!

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With hunter-friendly regards,

József Balogh