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Balogh József

József Balogh

He is the owner of the company NATURHUN, manager. After the high school he was game keeper.
He studied game management at the University for Agricultural Sciences.
After graduation he stated to work at a state hunting area.
He found NATURHUN huntig tours in 1996.

e-mail: jozsef@naturhun.hu
Tel.: + 36 30 932 1920
Skype: balogh.jozsef63
Farkas Erika

Erika Farkas

Sales Manager
She has been organising hunting
since 1992 and receiving guests
from Germany, Austria, Frace, Belgium.
She speaks German and France.

e-mail: erika@naturhun.hu
Tel.: + 36 30 297 4213
Skype: erika19741974
Tamás Krisztina

Krisztina Tamás

Sales Manager
She organises hunting
since 1992 for German,
Italian and Spanish hunters.
She is also a keen hunter.

e-mail: krisztina@naturhun.hu
Tel.: + 36 30 978 2900
Skype: tamas.krisztina69

Gábor Kovács

Sales manager

He inherited his passion for Nature and Hunting from his grandfather. His enthusiasm has grown to much more than just a simple hobby. He graduated with distinguished results in Sopron University Wildlife Management Department. He speaks English and German.

e-mail: gabor@naturhun.hu
Tel.: + 36 30 531 6195
skype: GaborKovacs87
Vándor Tamás

Tamás Vándor

Sales Manager
He has been a hunting man for 25 years. He’s graduated at the University of Agricultural Science as an agricultural engineer and he has taken honours in Hunting and Game management as well. He has been organizing hunting trips for foreign and local hunters since 1987 at first as an advisor, later on as a sales manager. He speaks English, Italian, Spanish and German.
e-mail: tamas@naturhun.hu
Tel.: + 36 30 622 2660
skype: tamas52

Brigitta Bertalan

Financial manager

She performs financial and office management duties. 

From 2001 to 2008 she worked as a hunting organizer.

She speaks French and Spanish.

E-mail: brigitta@naturhun.hu

Tel.: + 36 30 685 0171

Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás
Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás

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ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 001
ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 001

Roe deer hunting in Hungary

The hunting-season for roe bucks begins shortly in Hungary. Come and hunt for bucks in the Great Hungarian Plain, because that is where the largest and the best quality deer population is located in Hungary.

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ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 001
ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 001

Roebuck hunting in East Hungary in the beginning of August

You are still in time to register for the unique experience our roebuck hunts offer in the Great Plain. Roebuck stocks can be found in every hunting field of Hungary but the ones in the East well outnumber the ones in the trans-Danubian region.

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ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 002
ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 002

Red deer hunting in Hungary

A hunting trip to Hungary in September? For all devoted hunters this can only mean the troating of red deer stag.

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ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 003
ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 003

Wild boar hunting in Hungary

Wild boar hunting is the most popular hunting experience for hunters in Hungary. Hunting them from lookouts or by stalking is the most beautiful by moonlight.

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Joseph Balogh
red deer


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