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Why choose us?

Today’s world of hunting offers a huge range, which is almost impossible to follow, especially among all the adverts from competing hunt organising companies. Our company does not really need any loud advertising due to its reputation. Instead, we arrange your hunts professionally and provide important information to our guests in order to help them plan their hunting trips. This is crucial, as hunters will remember the excellent trophies they acquired during an adventure for their whole life and he will share the story of his hunt with his friends later, which means that the circumstances of the hunt matter a great deal. Success-oriented experience, however, should not rely on pure hunting luck in our fast-paced world where time is of the essence. Naturhun selects the place best suited to your needs and helps to organise the whole trip.

Why Hungary?


  • The Carpathian basin, with its unique climate, flora and fauna has been a well-known and natural habitat for European wild game for centuries. This is also supported by our world records and our prestigious places reached on world trophy rankings. Naturally, we carefully guard this treasure with a deep respect for traditions and our internationally recognised professional wildlife management serves as a guarantee for these. ‘Nomen est omen’, which means that our hunting services, culture and traditional hospitality are recognised as being of a very high standard. Trophy forgery, which mocks all natural and hunting ethics and which is unfortunately on the rise in other parts of the world, is strictly forbidden and is a culpable crime in Hungary.
  • The majority of hunting fields are within easy reach via motorways thanks to development over recent decades and, a perhaps lesser known fact is that there are around 80 airfields in Hungary where private planes can land. (Most of which are qualified as unofficial landing spaces.) Hungary is Europe’s best place for thermal and medicinal waters. Developments in medical tourism have resulted in high quality wellness hotels being built for visitors.

Why Naturhun?


We can give you a reasonable offer which suits your individual needs perfectly
… as opposed to the various local fields which may only give you an offer within their means.


We have excellent knowledge of location and wildlife
We are in personal contact with the accompanying hunters and have up-to-date information on the field’s changes in wild game quality and quantity in order to serve our guests’ best interests.

Our colleagues are thoroughly dedicated to their profession
…their work is also their passion and they have decades of experience, the result of which is expert knowledge.

We strive for our guests’ comfort
…by arranging the necessary permits and administration from departure to booking accommodation, preparing the trophies, the transfer, careful packaging and even delivery. This means that our guests can save a lot of time and energy, since these, sometimes annoying errands will not take precious time away from having a great time and gaining memorable experiences.

We guarantee the best value for money to do just that.


We can guarantee full legal certainty
…as our guests do not enter into agreements with just anyone, but rather with an officially registered and specialised company with a good reputation. We communicate with our guests in their native language and, since we know the special local circumstances, we take immediate action in the event of a complaint.

Last but not least, one of our guiding principles, besides financial fairness, is necessary discretion.

Please contact our office for detailed and comprehensive responses to all your questions.

Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás
Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás

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ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 002
ALT Akt kin. Fajok Blokk 002

Red deer hunting in Hungary

A hunting trip to Hungary in September? For all devoted hunters this can only mean the troating of red deer stag.

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red deer


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