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Roe deer hunting in Hungary

The hunting-season for roe bucks begins shortly in Hungary. Come and hunt for bucks in the Great Hungarian Plain, because that is where the largest and the best quality deer population is located in Hungary.

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Red deer hunting in Hungary

A hunting trip to Hungary in September? For all devoted hunters this can only mean the troating of red deer stag.

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Fallow buck hunting on Gyulaj

The fallow deer population of Gyulaj is rightly world-famous, the 80% (!) of the brougt-down fallow bucks have medal trophy. The October is coming soon, the beginning of the bucks’ troating season. So resound the forest from the groans of the fallow bucks and the sound of the hunting horn. Please, ask our proposal!

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Wild boar hunting in Hungary

Wild boar hunting is the most popular hunting experience for hunters in Hungary. Hunting them from lookouts or by stalking is the most beautiful by moonlight.

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Semi-wild duck hunting

The main hunting season runs from mid-August to late November. It can be very well combined with the hunting of collared doves.

In hot weather, the hunting on the waterside is very enjoyable, the presentation of the hunting bag is followed by a pleasant lunch at the lakeside and then the afternoon hunt on collared doves begins.

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We were the main sponsors of IKP 2017

The world meeting of German Shorthaired Pointer owners organised by the German Shorthaired Pointer Association, the 28th International German Shorthaired Pointer Exam (Internationale Kurzhaar Prüfung, IKP) was hosted in Hungary this year, close to Kecskemét, in Bács County, from 29 September to 1 October 2017. 205 pointers participated at the event, which took place in beautiful weather and a good atmosphere, with serious work.

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