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“I consider the roe deer antler to be the most original, the most varied and the finest trophy of all. None of them looks like another, they are all individual, they are precious memorabilia.” - wrote Zsigmond Széchenyi, former world traveler, Hungarian hunter.

You are well aware that we are living in a fast-paced world. You hear it all over the Internet and in the media. You know that you cannot relax since you miss out, you fall behind, gain a disadvantage compared to others. This is not different in the case of hunting either. Nowadays, you frequently come across ads that promise fast organisation and cheap hunting. “Reserve your own trip!”, “Select yourself!”, “Plan it on your own!” and “Do not pay too much!”.

But just think about it for a moment – is this what you really want?

Before you stress yourself out with all the thinking, we are here to help you!

We have put together a list of a few important points you may find worth considering if you would not like to be disappointed at your Hungarian hunting event:

On the hunting ground, the situation is unchanged!

Written by Balogh József
Published in News

At present, the whole world is experiencing an extraordinary situation, with Europe and Hungary being no exceptions, either. I would rather not expatiate on things that are already painfully familiar to everyone. For some, the topic is boring, for some, it is depressive, for yet others, it might be simply neutral.

We hunters are in a lucky situation since we can practice a hobby that is not bound to a flat or a specific location – a hobby thanks to which we have already been able to spend much more time in nature than the average person. Even now, we can afford to delve deep into the forest, venture out to the fields and breathe in the fresh air of the reviving nature, in silence.  We can observe the playful game of the animals living in the nature, listen to the happy songs of the birds.

When you are looking for a service on the Internet – e.g. the organization of your hunt – numerous ads will be shown to you. It’s very difficult to choose the right one at the first glance. Most probably you will not be able to pay attention to the small details!

Anyway, what do you have to watch out for so that the whole story would not turn out to be a huge disappointment?

Imagine that you are now travelling to Hungary for your just booked hunting!

In this case you must have already contacted us and received our detailed help to make the most out of your trip. 

You have told us what you want to hunt for, the size of your desired trophy to take home, with whom you wish to hunt and what kind of programs you want to enrich your stay with.

Imagine that you are already on your way and excited about exploring all the beauty of Hungarian hunting!

I love hunting all the huntable species with my Owner, but my real favourites, the small game shootings are beginning right now in October and last until the end of January. The mornings are nice and chilly and by the time the morning dew dries up, we go out to the hunting-ground with my Owner, his hunter guests and some well-qualified beaters.

I had already felt in the middle of August that my Owner was getting more and more excited. Then I noticed that his hunter friends are just the same. I didn’t know what it was all about until we went into the woods, where I felt the same tension. This is when I remembered that the same thing happened in the past years, when the deer stags were getting ready for mating. Yes… this is their favourite season… the time for red stag hunting and deer troating.

It was very hot in the sunflower fields at the end of August and beginning of September, where we have been waiting for the hungry doves. Plenty of them were flying in smaller and larger troops from the towns nearby. Of course, my Owner’s guests really liked dove shooting. They fired many shots and managed to hit many doves. There were some groups that shot more than a thousand birds in a day.

While we are eagerly looking forward to the red deer rut, I would gladly share my opinion with you about how the summer roebuck hunting went. I would just like to say in advance that summer really showed its true colours this year as our guest were greeted by a Sahara-like heat. We usually organise the hunts from the beginning of August, yet there are always some people who arrive as early as the end of July. I still have to ask my owner what he thinks about it, but whatever the explanation is, I can tell you that the rutting season began on time, and despite of the dog days, almost every guest shot the roebuck they wished for.

Green, fragrant vegetation, blooming trees, sunshine, soft breeze, birdsong...well, spring is here!!! – and that’s just Nature, I haven’t even got to the point. If it’s spring, it’s the season for roe buck hunting, and that means it’s time for me and my owner to head out to the fields. The roe buck hunting season is still on, yet I’d like to give you a foretaste of it.

I found a deer antler

Written by Fröcsi
Published in Reports

Spring is coming relentlessly... this time of year I feel almost as renewed as Nature itself. I take a deep breath of the fantastic fresh air, enjoy the warmth of the first sunrays of the season, and the lovely scents of course, which I know that you, humans, unfortunately cannot smell, but they are flitting around us... I don’t even know which one to follow.

Even though it is getting colder and colder every day, I’m not feeling low, as the first snow will come in a few weeks, which I will be really happy about. I don’t know about you, but when whiteness covers everything, I can’t get enough of the sight. Not to mention those snowy, winter hunts…they are the best.

What is hunting like in Hungary?

Written by Fröcsi
Published in Hunting tips

Before getting into the thick of it and talking about our specific experiences, let me say a few words about Hungary and its hunts, hunters, traditions and habits. I mean this blog entry to be a fast-track at the end of which you will feel at home in this great environment and get to know things you may have never heard about before.

I promised to introduce the Naturhun team and my Owner in my previous blog, but the beginning of the autumn hunting season turned everything upside down. I hope my dear colleagues will forgive me if I do the introduction at a later time and write about something that will definitely brighten up your day this time.

You’re right… it’s a dog…

Written by Fröcsi
Published in News

You may be surprised that a hunting dog can write a blog…Well this is not an everyday activity for a canine, I admit. Why did I take on this noble task anyway? The people at Naturhun work on organising hunts every day; they make arrangements with our guests and arrange the hunting areas – they are busy working in the office in one moment and get in their cars to go to the field in the next, and since we would like to record and share our hunting experiences, I was the only one left to write a blog. 



My name is József Balogh, owner of NATURHUN Kft.

With my colleagues at Naturhun, we organise hunts on a daily basis and we try to provide our clients with an unforgettable hunting experience.

In this blog, I share our greatest moments with you and I also give advice and tips for hunting with over 20 years of experience under my belt.

Join me if you are as passionate about hunting as I am.

Joseph Balogh
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