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Monday, 23 October 2017 16:20 Written by Fröcsi

Attention, the season is starting! – Small game shooting in Hungary

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I love hunting all the huntable species with my Owner, but my real favourites, the small game shootings are beginning right now in October and last until the end of January. The mornings are nice and chilly and by the time the morning dew dries up, we go out to the hunting-ground with my Owner, his hunter guests and some well-qualified beaters.

Small game shootings are the best opportunity to show my abilities. My dog colleagues and I thoroughly search all the bushes, undergrowth and reeds that might hide game, and we can smell the hiding pheasant, partridge or brown hare from far away. We freeze still and signal to the hunter: “Get ready, you need to shoot soon!” When we get permission, we slowly close in on the game and chase it out of its hiding place.


After the successful shot, we lightly seize the game and sit in front of the happy hunter to hand it over. We are very happy about the nice, praising words and some caressing, which we have fully deserved. Not to mention the wounded game, which we find the prey with our excellent smelling and persistence, when the hunter almost gave up on it.

So it’s no surprise that a lot of foreigner hunter guests choose small game shooting in Hungary, since the great quality Hungarian small game is famous among the hunters. My Owner knows such a rich hunting territories, where hunters can shoot a quick double on the partridge troop spreading wings besides the pheasant cocks with hard feathers, or where they can shoot a circle of jumping hares. If someone even manages to shoot the careful fox, he will be the proudest person in the evening standing by the prey arranged in a neat rows bag, where the happy hunters pay their respect to the shot small games with their hats taken off.

When the exciting small game shootings are finished, the guests return to their comfortable accommodation in a tired, but satisfied state, where they can pamper their sore muscles with wellness programs, enjoy the delicacies of the Hungarian cuisine and quality wines, while remembering the exciting or funny moments of the day spent hunting.

Do not miss out on this opportunity, it’s still not too late to check in for this year’s small game shootings!

I suggest you check out the Facebook page of Naturhun, and the website (under the menu point “Hunting in Hungary”), where you can find more information and exquisite photos in the gallery. If you have any questions, my Owner and his colleagues will be happy to help you, please call or write to us!

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