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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 10:58 Written by Fröcsi

I found a deer antler

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Spring is coming relentlessly... this time of year I feel almost as renewed as Nature itself. I take a deep breath of the fantastic fresh air, enjoy the warmth of the first sunrays of the season, and the lovely scents of course, which I know that you, humans, unfortunately cannot smell, but they are flitting around us... I don’t even know which one to follow.

Though it’s usually hard to say goodbye, I have completely different feelings about waving goodbye to winter. This time of year, something awakens in me, and I can’t wait to set off on a journey with my owner to the borderland. At such times, even the sound of the jeep’s engine is music to my ears.

The same thing happened two weeks ago, when I went for a pleasant Sunday walk with my owner. When we departed, we wouldn’t have thought what a great treasure we were going to obtain in the Tolna Hills, where – quite importantly – my owner spent his childhood. On the eastern side of “Pit of Hell”, I found a majestic prey. The antler was 8.3 lbs, darn heavy and branchy, but I could easily pick it up, so I took it to my owner as fast as I could, because I’m still in very good shape.

But why do red deer shed their crowns? I have no idea. I have to admit – but let’s keep it just between you and me – that I think they’re more beautiful and dignified when they have that thing on their heads, but never mind... it’s their choice... and they always make me and my owner happy with it. Maybe it’s kind of a surprise or something like that? Since they grow a new one by autumn; and they march with astonishing glory and a loud roar, accompanied by their harem. You must see it at least once with your own eyes!



How do I look?

Oh and here is our little prey...


foto2 agancsos


By the way, I’ve almost forgotten... have you already booked your red stag hunting for next autumn? You know it’s always worthwhile to book it in time, because this is how you will have the chance to choose between the best offers. If you can tell your owner, I’m sure he will do everything in order to get the most suitable hunting territory for your needs, and to have an unforgettable time.

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