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Monday, 23 October 2017 16:02 Written by Fröcsi

It was hot… – Dove shooting in Hungary

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It was very hot in the sunflower fields at the end of August and beginning of September, where we have been waiting for the hungry doves. Plenty of them were flying in smaller and larger troops from the towns nearby. Of course, my Owner’s guests really liked dove shooting. They fired many shots and managed to hit many doves. There were some groups that shot more than a thousand birds in a day.

I know that my Owner and his gamekeper friends spent a lot of time finding the right places, where the sunflower was already ripe enough. This way the guests already arrived to the places with the best chances for dove shooting.


The hunters had it easy! The sun was really hot all right, but they had received cold refreshments from the cars nearby all the time. We, the dogs, on the other hand, just kept picking up the shot doves diligently. Luckily, every guests was accompanied by an enthusiastic Hungarian hunter helping our work too.

Morning dove shooting usually brings a more modest prize, unlike in the afternoon, when the hungry birds arrive in large numbers.  When it got a little cloudy sometimes, even more birds came, and then the ammunition was really used well. And what sporty birds they are… If you are able to shoot doves well, you won’t be left in shame in any other small game shooting either.

So it’s not a surprise that our dove shooting parties return each year hoping for an excellent experience.

During the free time between the morning and afternoon hunts our guests usually have lunch at the restaurant nearby and refresh themselves with mineral water and soft drinks, preparing for the afternoon dove shooting. In the late afternoon they return to their accommodation full of memories, satisfied, where they can enjoy the Hungarian gastronomy and great wines.

My dear hunter friend! If you would like to experience this, it’s best to reserve your dove shooting session for next year, and find my Owner or his colleagues in the case of questions, write to them or call, they will be happy to help!

Don’t be too lazy to look at the Facebook page of Naturhun, and the website as well, where you will find more information and great photos about dove shooting. The photos are in the gallery.

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