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Monday, 23 October 2017 16:13 Written by Fröcsi

Red stag hunting in Hungary during deer troating

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I had already felt in the middle of August that my Owner was getting more and more excited. Then I noticed that his hunter friends are just the same. I didn’t know what it was all about until we went into the woods, where I felt the same tension. This is when I remembered that the same thing happened in the past years, when the deer stags were getting ready for mating. Yes… this is their favourite season… the time for red stag hunting and deer troating.

Being a dog, I find it strange why these huge animals like to shout at each other for long hours, then fight with their huge antlers, sometimes until death, and hardly have anything to eat for weeks. However, when I first heard the deer troating, I shivered, just like my owner, and every real hunter around. This experience cannot be compared to anything else.


The fight for the hinds’ favours was already going on at the end of August in the woods. Finally, in the beginning of September we could go out hunting.  Have you ever been red stag hunting in Hungary? Well, there are quite a lot of deer in this country, and stags with exquisite antlers are fighting for the hinds in their bloom, so we can hunt in a good rutting almost every day. I have experienced for years that when the stags are rutting, the hunt is a success.

I know that my Owner organises red stag hunting at the best places, where well-prepared gamekeepers accompany our guests. In the afternoon they wait at the high-stands for the targeted deer stag, which they can mostly recognise by the sound, and if there is enough light, they approach it with a short stalking. In the mornings they listen in the dark (deer troating is especially loud in the quiet of the dawn), and choose their stand considering the direction of the wind, and when the morning breaks, they carefully start chasing the troating red deer. It’s very important to wait for enough light to shoot, since humans don’t have such a refined smelling and hearing as the careful deer hinds (or as I do).

Knowledge, preparation and experience almost always paid off. What wonderful trophies we could see from close-up among the preys. You can also check out the photographs of the largest and most interesting ones on the Facebook page of Naturhun or here at the home page, in the gallery.

If you feel like participating in red stag hunting in Hungary and experiencing these one-of-a-kind adventures, you can turn to my Owner or to his colleagues with your questions by phone or feel free to write a message, and they will happily answer them. It’s already a good time to reserve the best areas for the next deer troating season. You can ask for an offer here if you already have a specific idea in mind.

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