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Sunday, 21 May 2017 10:36 Written by Fröcsi

Spring roe buck hunting in Hungary

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Green, fragrant vegetation, blooming trees, sunshine, soft breeze, birdsong...well, spring is here!!! – and that’s just Nature, I haven’t even got to the point. If it’s spring, it’s the season for roe buck hunting, and that means it’s time for me and my owner to head out to the fields. The roe buck hunting season is still on, yet I’d like to give you a foretaste of it.

Don't worry, I won’t bark too much, I’d rather show some pictures of how great we’re spending our spring... This craze has been going on since mid-April, groups keep on coming, and we keep hunting without cease. The guests are always deeply satisfied and full of gratitude to my owner for taking them to such a great area and we always go to such wonderful places. So if you decide to join us, you won’t be disappointed either.

The quality of the trophies of the Hungarian roe buck population is already world-famous, but this year... it’s fantastic. (Even at the beginning of the year, experienced hunters predicted that it was going to be a good year, as this winter favoured the growth of antlers. However, the organisers couldn't say that to the enquiring guests because my owner is allergic to boasting and he doesn’t like making empty promises.)

There's no better way of proving this than these handful of pictures of the game bags…

tb oz vadaszat 2017 tavasz 001

tb oz vadaszat 2017 tavasz 002

tb oz vadaszat 2017 tavasz 003

tb oz vadaszat 2017 tavasz 004

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Roe deer occur in great numbers on all Hungarian hunting grounds. The populations with the best quality and density can be found on the lowlands of the Great Hungarian Plains, east of the River Tisza. If I may suggest, contact my owner, and he will surely take you to such areas where your demands will be satisfied.

You didn't miss a thing... just don’t give up and say maybe next year... pick up the phone or contact us here if you want to come to Hungary for hunting roe bucks and get ready for a big adventure. I also have an idea for those who are not so active: the rutting season lasts from the end of July to mid-August, which also offers a unique hunting experience. You can arrange your affairs and vacation by then, right? All you have to do is call my owner now so he could prepare the hunt for you!


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