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Sunday, 17 September 2017 16:33 Written by Fröcsi

The summer roebuck hunting in Hungary has come to an end

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While we are eagerly looking forward to the red deer rut, I would gladly share my opinion with you about how the summer roebuck hunting went. I would just like to say in advance that summer really showed its true colours this year as our guest were greeted by a Sahara-like heat. We usually organise the hunts from the beginning of August, yet there are always some people who arrive as early as the end of July. I still have to ask my owner what he thinks about it, but whatever the explanation is, I can tell you that the rutting season began on time, and despite of the dog days, almost every guest shot the roebuck they wished for.

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I still recommend our Facebook Page and our website to you, where just like in the spring, you can take a sneak peek of the roebuck trophies bagged by our guests. I think it would be great if as many of you as possible could join those guests who will choose this period for indulging in their passion for hunting.

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Returning to the rut, in the last third of July, a growing number of professional hunters indicated that the rut had begun. So the first guests arrived, and they had some very productive days. This tendency continued even at the beginning of August, the colleagues kept bringing pictures made by the satisfied guests on an array of trophies, from the regular to the extremely interesting ones. Thanks to the proficiency of hunting escorts, they brought several joyful moments to our hunters by making the experience complete with the roe calling. In the daytime, our wellness hotels provided a pleasant and cool environment, and delicious meals to the hunters, who excitedly waited for the next day out.

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If I may suggest to you, my dear Reader, apply for the next year’s hunt in time, because a successful and rewarding hunt requires punctual and precise planning. My owner and his co-workers look forward to answering your questions; they will gladly tell you how to become part of this wonderful summer experience.

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