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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 18:39 Written by Fröcsi

There is nothing better than winter hunting

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Even though it is getting colder and colder every day, I’m not feeling low, as the first snow will come in a few weeks, which I will be really happy about. I don’t know about you, but when whiteness covers everything, I can’t get enough of the sight. Not to mention those snowy, winter hunts…they are the best.

December is the favourite month of children and hunting dogs. It’s snowy of course…but it’s pure Paradise. Although these days it normally snows in January and February, we still always hope to have a white Xmas.

Even the sight of those big flakes or those heavy little ones covering everything in a matter of minutes is amazing. It’s so great to go for a walk with Master these times and immerse ourselves in the whiteness. You, grown-up people somehow seem to have lost the desire to just roll around in the snow, but I would never miss out on it!

After all the fun though we get to work, since that’s how we make a living, as Master says, but it’s fun for me! The two greatest favourite hunts are the snowy boar hunt and the pheasant shooting.

Driven boar hunt in the winter

One very popular way of hunting boars is the driven hunt at the end of autumn and in the wintertime. I don’t think it’s too bold to say that a well-organised boar hunt is the highlight of collective hunting.

Let’s see what we need for it; an excellent area; boars, whose behaviour we should know pretty well (as they can be quite tricky); a good preparation and experienced and disciplined coachmen. I don’t personally take part in such events, my shorter-legged fellows are more suited to the job (dachshunds, fox terriers). All in all, I would only trust Master to make all the arrangements, as he is pretty knowledgeable and experienced about the quality and professional know-how of this type of hunt.

They sometimes collect the bay on a horse-drawn carriage, although this is rare now. We have jeeps to do it of course, but the carriage gives a special atmosphere to the hunt.

I should also mention (and show) the bag at the end of the day; this great event is always very uplifting, as the loudly crackling camp fire lights up the announcement of the results.

Winter pheasant shooting

There are many ways to hunt pheasants in Hungary, but the real deal is the winter one planned for 8-12 guns, with a bag of hundreds or thousands of pheasants. Yes, you read right, hundreds…thousands. You can imagine how much work it is to collect all that…my fellow canines help us of course but I do a great deal myself, as you can guess.

What is important for the hunters is that the birds fly evenly, as one the most annoying things is when groups of pheasant cocks pass by over the doubly cocked hammer. The coachman’s job is to make sure that the pheasants fly as evenly as possible at the right height – at 25-35 meters once they reach the shooting range.

Only Master knows where they pay a lot of attention and do everything so you can have a similar sight before the delicious dinner. On these occasions, I always feel like I was in the right place at the right time again.

So, did I manage to pique your interest in winter hunts?  Feel free to give Master a ring or email him and tell him you heard about it from me. You will have a fantastic time, I can assure you.

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