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Thursday, 20 October 2016 11:54 Written by Fröcsi

What is hunting like in Hungary?

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Before getting into the thick of it and talking about our specific experiences, let me say a few words about Hungary and its hunts, hunters, traditions and habits. I mean this blog entry to be a fast-track at the end of which you will feel at home in this great environment and get to know things you may have never heard about before.

If you have been coming to hunt in Hungary for a while, you should already know all this, but why don’t you come with me anyway to relive some memories and get another taste of this special world. And if your hunting gene kicks in again, make sure to let my Master know so we can meet before the autumn season ends.

Talking about autumn…it looks something like this here…just so you get the feeling.



Hunting is wonderful here in the autumn; the high temperatures are gone, the mornings and nights are fresh and the air is so soothing during the daytime, and the nature is incredibly beautiful. It’s one of my favourite times of the year; the time of the red stag an fallow deer hunting, as well as the small game shooting. We head out into nature and enjoy its fantastic colours and the smells, though you humans cannot really sense these.

The day starts early in the morning, when hunters greet each other with excitement and we have a short guidance and then we set off…even the thought of it gives me goose bumps.

Anyone who comes to hunt in Hungary will have great fun here, but there are a few rules every civilised hunter keeps, even though keeping them does not involve any praise or punishment. I know it’s an old-fashioned expression but since Hungarian hunters respect traditions, they still find the hunting etiquette important.

Let me start at the beginning: the initiation…, as the first successful hunt does not only mean joy and congratulations from friends but also a rather uncomfortable ritual: the hunter receives a spanking, just like in the photo below...



I don’t quite get the point of it, thankfully this doesn’t concern us, dogs.

If this is your first hunt and you feel a bit intimidated, let me lift your spirit. The tiring hunts are normally followed by great feasts outdoor if the weather permits. Even the thought of it makes my mouth water…Beware that Hungarian dishes, game, spices and sweets are very dangerous; once you try them, you will never escape from craving them… take this as a warning!



I’m sure I don’t need to teach you about using your weapon. The firearms are not toys and they require your careful attention. If you take a sip of alcohol, forget it…at least until dinner time. The basic rule is that you may only fire your weapon if you have no doubt that you aim it at the permitted animal and nothing else.

We use hunting-horns during our hunts in Hungary. Different horn signals mean different things but I haven’t managed to work out what to do exactly, so I look at Master and feel quite confused. Do learn them if you can…if not just get your mobile phone and ask someone... (You didn’t hear this from me.)

This is becoming a long blog post, although I haven’t even mentioned many useful things. But don’t worry, follow me and you will find out about everything in due time. And keep in mind that practice makes perfect. We look forward to seeing you on our hunts. Check out our current offers and do not hesitate to contact us with your request for a price quote.

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