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Collared dove shooting is more and more popular at summertime. It is also a very good target - practice for hunters.

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Collared dove hunting in Hungary (Streptopelia decaocto)


Its original habitat used to be starting from Asia Minor throughout Central Asia and India up to Rear-India. Its slow expansion started in this century, and it soon became exponential.

The collared dove arrived in the 20s from Romania to the Hungarian Great Plain, and thanks to the adaptability of the collared dove its spread around in the whole country. Today you can find it in flatland as well as in highlandsthis species, which absolutely follows agricultural farming. The largest populations are living in villages or city parks or near them, but they tend to nest at agricultural areas and sometimes at the edges of woods or in gallery woods too. It feeds on agricultural fields in the early mornings and afternoons, giving a preference to sunflowers. Therefore we used to organize the dove shooting of our guests primaly at the sunflower patches, near to the towns and we accommodate the hunters in nice small, familiar guest-houses or hotels.
Since most of the agricultural crops are harvested at the end of August and beginning of September, this is a good time for offering our well-organised hunts, which are taking into account all the requirements of our guests and giving the highest possible standard, and are easily combined with a semi-wild duck shooting.

Wood pigeon hunting in Hungary (Columba palumbus)

The wood pigeon is a bird of passage. It arrives usually in March and migrates to the south in October. The animals like to frequent grain stubbles and sunflower fields under maturing. These and their flying-in places are good places to get them on the end of the rifle.

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Now we recommend everyone to take care of their own and their family’s health. We are very confident that travel will soon be free and we can enjoy carefree the hunts again.
Don’t hesitate to book a hunt with us. We are still working and you can entrust the full organization to us!
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Hunting season

Collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) 15 August – 31 January
Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus) 15 August – 31 January
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