Red deer hunting in Hungary

A hunting trip to Hungary in September? For all devoted hunters this can only mean the troating of red deer stag.

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Picture the first chilly early mornings after a hot summer, when we are still trying to make out in the pitch dark where the red deer stag with the loudest roar is, followed by the careful stalking as we try to approach it without the stag’s watchful “harem” ever noticing us.

Felling red deer stag with the desired antlers is a task for a true hunter, therefore it's worth devoting four or five days to return home with the trophy of your dreams.



Hungary offers a wealth of opportunities since our red deer population is considered unique in Europe which is clearly shown by the number of world record trophies the country has provided for the hunter society.

With decades of hunting experience, expertise and close ties with over a hundred excellent hunting grounds we offer you the best opportunities.


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Visit our gallery, where you can marvel at the most beautiful trophies, and send us your plans for September, so we could begin preparing and organising your red deer stag hunt on time! This will allow you to hunt down stag trophies in peak season at the best location!

Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás
Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás

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