Roe deer hunting in Hungary

The hunting-season for roe bucks begins shortly in Hungary. Come and hunt for bucks in the Great Hungarian Plain, because that is where the largest and the best quality deer population is located in Hungary.

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The open season for the bucks starts on 15th April. Most of our guests choose this period, since this is the best time to get a roe buck on the end of your gun.

Would you like to bag a roe buck with interesting frickhead, regular or capital trophy? All these options are available in this plain, so you can choose as you wish. You can even participate in all-day-long hunting events. This is the season when nature awakes, the temperature is agreeable, and deer enjoy staying in the sunshine. Dive into the hunting experience and choose from the several opportunities we offer to your heart’s content.

Deer trophies hunted in Hungary are among the best in the world, proving the high quality of domestic roe deer management. The guests of Naturhun Hunting Organisation Company bring down 600 to 1200 roe bucks annually in Hungary. About 300 hunting grounds on more than two million hectares, of which we select the best for you!

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For more photos, pls. visit our gallery where you can admire the most beautiful and most special trophies of the last season and send your quote request and ideas so that we can start preparing and organizing your hunting in time!

Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás
Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás

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