Roebuck hunting in East Hungary in the beginning of August

You are still in time to register for the unique experience our roebuck hunts offer in the Great Plain. Roebuck stocks can be found in every hunting field of Hungary but the ones in the East well outnumber the ones in the trans-Danubian region.

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The other reason for high chances of a successful hunt is that it is timed for the beginning of August, i.e. their ratting period, when even the shiest roebuck is likely to come out to the inviting sound of a doe in the hope of mating.

The deer is called with a whistle, creating a special atmosphere during the hunting. The hunter imitates the calling or emergency sounds of the roe doe, and this might even lure the otherwise very careful old bucks close to the rifle. Often it’s not the animal that you expect, which reacts to the call, and sometimes it happens, that bucks, which have been hiding during the whole season are lured out and hunted down.

The guests of Naturhun Hunting Organisation Company bring down 600 to 1200 roe bucks annually in Hungary. About 300 hunting grounds on more than two million hectares, of which we select the best for you!

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Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás
Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás

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