Wild boar hunting in Hungary

Wild boar hunting is the most popular hunting experience for hunters in Hungary. Hunting them from lookouts or by stalking is the most beautiful by moonlight.

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The top of is the well organized driven hunt in wintertime. The big drive is hold in a big terrain with a large number of professional drivers, beaters, dogmen and boarhounds. The careful behaviour, good hearing and smelling ability of the wild boar and its intelligence makes hunting them a real challenge.

Both small and large groups of friends have a great time during these drives and sharing their mutual experiences make the hunts very pleasant. The expected rich-prey late-autumn and winter driven boar hunts and mixed drives can’t be unlimited in their game volume even in the best conditions, since, as is well-known, this method puts the greatest burden on the hunting-grounds.

This is why we need to make sure that these driven hunts are thoroughly organised in advance, that we leave ample resting time, and that the hunts are executed in a similar way so they are successful. This also ensures that game is properly stocked and that game managers are able to run similarly successful drives in the future.

It is also worth considering that a quality, big game collective hunt needs almost fifty staff to attend to important and essential part-duties, which requires well-formed prior planning, high level of organisation and of course a reasonable amount of experience as well, not to mention the office’s organisational work so everything is in the right place in advance. In order to ensure your success, it is best to book driven hunts well in advance on one of Naturhun Kft.’s contact lines by indicating your expected bag.

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Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás
Vadászati hírlevél feliratkozás

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