You are well aware that we are living in a fast-paced world. You hear it all over the Internet and in the media. You know that you cannot relax since you miss out, you fall behind, gain a disadvantage compared to others. This is not different in the case of hunting either. Nowadays, you frequently come across ads that promise fast organisation and cheap hunting. “Reserve your own trip!”, “Select yourself!”, “Plan it on your own!” and “Do not pay too much!”.

But just think about it for a moment – is this what you really want?

Before you stress yourself out with all the thinking, we are here to help you!

We have put together a list of a few important points you may find worth considering if you would not like to be disappointed at your Hungarian hunting event:

  • If you have a specific goal in your mind when you come to our country to hunt, then it’s not the same if you take home a 3.5-kilogram, an 8-kilogram or a capital red deer trophy! Can you distinguish between what precisely each rapid offer is offering?
    With more than twenty years of experience and excellent professional knowledge to support us, we will do everything to make sure you go home with a rich hunting experience. We have established hunting networks covering almost the whole territory of Hungary, so we will know where to direct you. If for any reason you will not be able to hunt down the desired game at the initial hunting grounds, we will take you to another area! We take the time and energy to provide you with the perfect hunting experience.
  • Let’s suppose that you reserve a hunt based on an ad, which offers precisely the game that you desire. However, it does matter if you can understand the hosts at all. Of course, today it’s almost a basic requirement for every professional hunter to speak at least one foreign language at least at a basic level, however, this does not ensure that you will be able to understand each other perfectly!
    The team mates at Naturhun Hunting Organisation Office have been using foreign languages on a daily level for several years. They have the right professional language skills for hunting, so you don’t have to worry about any misunderstandings! You will get an offer and the contract in your own mother tongue, and our colleagues will be in touch with you personally or on the phone during your hunting trip!
  • While we are talking about the documents: How can you be sure that you will get the service and the product that you have paid for? If you reserve a hunt on your own, how can you be sure that you will not be deceived?The fellow workers at Naturhun Hunting Organisation Office take care of such issues on a daily basis, so that you don’t have to worry about them. You will get a detailed offer, which does not only contain the size and price of the trophy but all the associated services as well.
    Accommodation, interpretation services, transfer and all the related convenience services will be included! We will sign a contract with you just like we do with all our other hunting guests, so that your safety be guaranteed!
  • You can see that based on all the above, organising a hunt involves not only specifying the details of the hunt itself, since you will also have to travel, sleep and eat somewhere, and you will somehow have to spend your leisure time, too. While hunting grounds solely concentrate on selling the game, hunting organisation offices know how important it is that everything serves your comfort from the moment you set off on your trip up to the moment you arrive home. When you reserve a hunt on your own it might happen that you forget something and you are left with no accommodation and without knowing where to go while you are waiting for the hunt!
    Our team mates will help you specify where and when you will arrive, so someone will be waiting for you once you arrive. We will reserve an accommodation with full food and board service, based on your requirements. If you come with a partner, we will take care of them, too, and we will organise your leisure activities as well!
  • Imagine that you just had a great hunting experience, and you are thrilled just by recollecting it. You are sitting at home in your living room, waiting for your trophy. Can you be sure that you will get your hunting trophy fast, undamaged and in the appropriate manner?
    Yes, you can be sure of it if you let Naturhun Hunting Organisation Office organise your hunt. Your trophy will be finished, judged, and we will send it to you along with all the official documentation. We will not forget safe packaging and delivery tracking either. We will only relax and close off the hunt once we have got confirmation that you have received your trophy!
I think that no more arguments are needed for you to see why it’s worth trusting a hunting organisation office with the organisation of your hunting trip in Hungary.
However, let us give you a short summary:
  • You can call us comfortably from your home, using your own mother tongue.
  • You will get a detailed and personalised offer that you will be able to read in advance down to the last detail.
  • We will record every detail of the hunting trip in a contract.
  • We will be in touch with you during your entire stay and modify the original plans if need be.
  • We will prepare licences and documents needed for the hunt. We will document the hunt precisely.
  • Professional and well-prepared staff will take care of you during your hunting trip.
  • We can take care of special needs, too (limited mobility, food allergies, etc.).
  • We will send you your trophies employing a safe delivery method.
  • You will receive a precise and fair financial settlement.

You are not a hunt organiser, not a tourism expert, nor a catering specialist! You just want to enjoy your hobby that lets you escape the haste of the weekdays. Hunting is an activity that helps you get quiet, slow down and chill out. You don’t have to hurry, just enjoy nature and the stress-free time furnished by your hobby.Based on all the above pieces of information, think about what you choose.

The decision is yours.

  1. You either reserve a hunt quickly, based on an ad, and realise only later how much work you still have to invest!
  2. Or you trust us to handle the whole thing and all you have to do is enjoy the hunt from the first moment to the last one.
If you opt for the latter, we can assure you that you have made the best decision possible. >>>

The number of our satisfied returning customers is growing continuously, which means that it’s worth choosing our comfortable all-around hunting organisation service.

If you prefer quality and won’t settle for any kind of instant hunt, where nothing is promised, we are waiting for your call. You can also e-mail us at