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Red deer

The red deer hunting in Hungary is the top hunting experience. For stag hunting the best time is the rutting period. The hunting season begins at first of September, but the roaring itself starts quite differently (depending on the area). The cautious behaviour of the deer changes at this time, they only listen to their ancient instincts and many hunters – who skilfully use the stag caller horn– have learned this.

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Roe deer

The open season for the bucks starts on 15th April. Most of our guests choose this period, since this is the best time to get a roe buck on the end of your gun. In terms of hunting, the rut season is a really special period, which lasts from the third week of July to the middle of August. The deer is called with a whistle, creating a special atmosphere during the hunting.

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Fallow deer

In Hungary, fallow deer hunting begins on the first day of October, when the forests say goodbye to the summer parade of their most glorious colours and show their most beautiful face. This is when you can hear the unique rutting of the fallows bucks, which sounds like constant snoring, and surely warms every hunter’s heart. During the time of rutting you have a good chance of hunting the excited deer stags almost all day long.

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Mouflon hunt

The hunting season for mouflons starts at the beginning of September in Hungary, and the most interesting is the rutting season in October and November, but the stalking hunts in the snowy winter forest have a special atmosphere as well. Carriage hunting is not often an option, due to the hilly terrain. Hunting mouflons from a high-stand is not ideal either

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Wild boar

Wild boar hunting is the most popular hunting experience for hunters in Hungary. Hunting them from lookouts or by stalking is the most beautiful by moonlight. The top of is the well organized driven hunt in wintertime. The big drive is hold in a big terrain with a large number of professional drivers, beaters, dogmen and boarhounds. When driven hunting for boar, you cannot shoot at other animals, your prey might only be varied by some fox and golden jackals.

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Brown hare

Brown hare hunting is probably the most tiring of all the small game that can be found in Hungary, since the most effective way to hunt brown hare is by driven hunt. 5-20 hunters and twice as many drivers participate at these field hare hunts, where they surround an area sometimes larger than 50-100 hectares in a circle or U shape and as the drive narrows down.

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The pheasant hunting season begins on the first days of October in Hungary. Walking-up shooting is a popular type of hunting for companies of 3-8 friends. With two to three companions, game collectors and well-working Hungarian pointing dogs, it’s convenient to hunt down suitable canal shores, bushy areas, reeds and forest patches, with nice results.

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Hungary is a real paradise for the fans of waterfowles hunting due to its very favourable conditions.

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Collared dove shooting is more and more popular at summertime. It is also a very good target – practice for hunters.


News and tips

The people at Naturhun work on organising hunts every day; they make arrangements with our guests and arrange the hunting areas – they are busy working in the office in one moment and get in their cars to go to the field in the next, and since we would like to record and share our hunting experiences. The only thing I like more than writing blogs is going on hunts. You will see why if you bear with me.

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