Imagine that you are now travelling to Hungary for your just booked hunting!

In this case you must have already contacted us and received our detailed help to make the most out of your trip.

You have told us what you want to hunt for, the size of your desired trophy to take home, with whom you wish to hunt and what kind of programs you want to enrich your stay with.

Imagine that you are already on your way and excited about exploring all the beauty of Hungarian hunting!

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We arrange these for you:

Here at Naturhun we strive to make your hunt a success and our aim is to make you spend the least time doing the paperwork and the most time enjoying it!

Therefore, you can entrust us with the organization of getting your official documents, your transport, your accommodation, your meals and your accompanying programs!

We won’t leave you after your arrival either. Our appointed attendant staff will assist you throughout your hunt. Be it during your hunt, at the accommodation, or during the accompanying programs. You can ask for help in anything and in your own language. We also provide an official interpreter upon request. Imagine that you only have to worry about hunting!

We will also undertake the administration of your trophies on your behalf! Following the official trophy evaluation, we will send you your trophies by mail or by other means agreed in advance.

Of course, we can’t arrange everything for you, but let us make it easier by giving you a guide on the necessary and compulsory documents, permits, and tools.

You have to arrange the following: 

  • First of all, your data will be required before entering into the contract as they will have to be used in several different types of documentation. Please send them to us as soon as possible!
  • You need to have a valid hunting license in your own country, because, you will not be able to get your Hungarian hunting license without it to start hunting.
  • You need to have a weapon-permit as well.
    In order to be able to bring your own weapons with you for hunting, you will receive an invitation letter from the Naturhun Office.
  • Keep your documents with you while hunting in Hungary. Be prepared that right before the start of the hunt, Hungarian authorities may check their existence and validity. As nothing can affect the safety of the hunt, they can also check if you are under the influence of alcohol, so please do not consume alcohol before starting the hunt.
  • If you don’t bring your own weapon, Naturhun will provide you with the weapon that suits your hunting type. We will provide ammunition for the weapon you bring, but you must first specify the type and caliber of the weapon you want to use during the hunt.
  • If you have your own rangefinder binoculars and your usual hunting equipment, bring them with you, as they will guarantee the efficiency of your hunt.
  • Make sure to bring clothes that are appropriate to the season and the hunting type.
  • The type, the number and the trophy size of the game you kill will be listed on an official shooting list of game shot during the hunt. You need to verify this with your signature as this will be the basis for your billing.
  • You can find the different hunting methodsthe hunting seasons for each game and more useful information on our website.
  • You can find information about hunting for all game species on the website of Naturhun, so you can get prepared for a successful hunt. 

Would you like to be prepared for the hunt by the time you arrive but you do not know the hunting traditions of Hungary?

  • We’ve collected some interesting information and tips for you to start exploring the local hunting culture on your way here.
  • For centuries Hungary has been a well-known, natural habitat of the finest European big game species. This is proven by international trophy rankings and our world record trophies.
  • If you want to honour the Hungarian hunters and their traditions, then make sure to put on a hat!
  • In Hungary a last bite is placed in the mouth of the killed game, and the accompanying hunter gives the hunter’s branch to the hunter killing the game. Find out more about this tradition before you come to Hungary.
  • More on Hungarian hunting culture
  • The official currency of Hungary is forint, but you can pay in euro at several places.
  • The capital of Hungary is Budapest. If you come by plane, you will land in this city. We can provide airport shuttle upon request.
  • The Danube is the river of Budapest, which connects the right and left bank (Buda and Pest respectively) by means of several bridges.
  • Budapest and the main cities are connected by motorways, therefore convenient and fast transport is available throughout the country.
  • You can relax in the countless rural spa towns during that part of day that you don’t spend with hunting.
  • Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, is located in Hungary, and its water is suitable for bathing from June to September.

If you are reading this on the way to your hunt, then you have to know that we are looking forward to meeting you!

If you are still planning your hunt, we hope that you will entrust Naturhun with planning your trip! Fill out our inquiry form and we will help you make your dream hunt real!

We look forward to welcoming you in Hungary with the best hunting-grounds and over 20 years of professional experience.

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